Sports Event Solutions

Sports Event Solutions

1. Product advantages

a. The refresh rate can reach 4200Hz, which is perfectly suitable for TV broadcast and camera shooting;

b. wide viewing angle, high contrast design, to ensure that each audience can enjoy the perfect game to a greater extent;

c. Factual broadcast of sports events, five frame drop phenomenon.

2. Experience advantage

a. Solutions for more than 45 stadiums around the world;

b. Important classic cases all over the world;

c. Numerous world and regional record creators;

d. Familiar with the characteristics of different events and the specific needs of the regional market.

3. Service advantages

a. Pre-sales professional consultation and program design;

b. 24-hour technical support after sales;

c, site layout, system integration.

4. Field function
5. Network, full HD

a. Real-time video overlay and splicing, multi-Frame;

b. Arbitrary switching between real-time video and planned content;

c. Real-time update of dynamic game data;

d. Real-time broadcast content monitoring.

Sports stadium LED display features:

a. The high brightness display of 2500CD/M² indoors and 6000CD/M² outdoors will not affect the playback quality of VIDEO even in the daytime;

b. The earliest indoor 6mm, 8mm, 10mm small dot pitch SMDLED display design makes the video played on the display more delicate and clear;

c. High contrast (16bit) and high color value (281 trillion), making the display more colorful;

d. The advanced cabinet design is convenient for the installation and maintenance of the display screen.