Floor Tile LED Display

Interactive Floor Tile Dance LED Display

Interactive Floor Tile Dance LED Display
Super Load Bearing Capacity

High intensity mask resistance  high load-bearing capacity up to 2t/㎡.

Cabinet Customization

Die casting aluminum cabinet has good heat dissipation with high efficiency power supply 

Waterproof Protection

Waterproof IP65 Rated! With surface and back be covered by special gel, the LED Module can be used outdoor.

Interaction Happiness

Interactive function allows dynamic responding fast . The LED interactive floor tile screen will continuously project fireworks, lake water, fish, turtles and other patterns. When tourists step on these patterns, the patterns change accordingly: fireworks will disperse, fish and turtles will run away, the lake will ripple, and the sound will sound accordingly. A large number of tourists enjoy it, and the laughter continues.

Working Process

All accessories are contained in  Flight case , Get it ready to use.


Model FL3.9 FL4.8 FL6.2
Pixel pitch 3.91mm 4.81mm 6.25mm
Module size 250mm*250mm 250mm*250mm 250*250 mm
Pixel configuration  1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
Module  resolution 64*64 52*52 40*40 pixels
Driving method 1/16scan,constant current 1/13scan,constant current 1/8 scan
Module power 30W 32W 32W
Module weight 588g 588g 588g
Cabinet size W1000mm*H500 W1000mm*H500 W1000mm*H500
Box weight 12.53kg 12.53kg 12.53kg
Best viewing angle H:160°;V:160° H:160°;V:160° H:160°;V:160°
Recommended viewing distance 3.9m 4.8m ≥6.2m
Rate refresh 1920/3840hz
Brightness 1200cd 900cd 900cd
Input voltage 110-220V;AC±10% 110-220V;AC±10% 110-220V;AC±10%
Operating temperature/humidity -40℃~+60℃ -40℃~+60℃ -40℃~+60℃
Average Power Consumption 266w/㎡ 266w/㎡ 266w/㎡
Max. Power Consumption  800w/㎡ 800w/㎡ 800w/㎡
Life time >100000 hours >100000 hours >100000 hours

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