Customer Support

Service Purposes

"Timely, Thoughtful, Honesty, Satisfactory" is the service object of LEDSUNN Team , which has been tested in practice and has an outstanding reputation. Through regular telephone communication and door-to-door visits, we can provide you with a full range of thoughtful services; honesty creates value, we can only do better by seeking truth from facts; getting your satisfaction is LEDSUNN's wish, so we will whole heartedly provide Your service, in order to get your satisfaction with us. With this service tenet, we have formed a complete service management process. We will provide customers with various and rich services including LED display repair, on-site maintenance, remote consultation and other services according to different needs, so as to make customers feel comfortable in transactions, assured in maintenance, and comfortable in experience.

Service philosophy

"Respond to any inquiries, respond to complaints, serve users, and follow the best" is the consistent requirement of LEDSUNN for the customer service department and LED large screen maintenance outlets. Our strict management and continuous improvement requirements have created our service team. And based on this, we will provide you with "high-quality, fast and satisfactory" service.

Service target

What you are thinking is what we are doing, this is our expectation for ourselves and the goal of our efforts, we do not seek perfection, our goal is to relieve all worries for you, when you find a problem, we make you satisfied The solution is already in front of you.

Service Process

LEDSUNN has a professional after-sales service team with many years of experience in LED display repair and maintenance and excellent business skills. They are not only skilled, but also quick to respond, enthusiastic, and have a good service attitude. Color display, LED indoor full-color display, LED rental display, LED advertising display, LED stadium display, LED information release screen, LED stage display, LED high power, LED daylight tube, LED energy-saving lamp, LED ball Strong technical backing for products such as light bulbs.


LEDSUNN's technical information, complete pre-sales technical documents, and personalized overall solution services can assist customers in the follow-up and implementation of projects conveniently and quickly.

On sale:

The production status of LEDSUNN is fed back to the customer in real time, and the customer can know the production status of the order anytime and anywhere, and assist the customer in installation and debugging, and sort out the relationship between the customer and the end customer.

After sales:

On-site service should be careful not to damage the customer's items. After the service is completed, check the trial, clean up and restore the site. After the repair work is completed, the service personnel must self-check and strictly check to ensure the quality of the repair. During the quality warranty period, the customer will be repaired free of charge for quality problems that occur under normal operation and normal maintenance. On-site maintenance conditions permit, secondary training can be given to customers to meet customer needs. After the service is over, the customer puts forward relevant evaluations and suggestions on our products and the quality of our engineers in the installation and maintenance record form.

Warranty Policy

1. Warranty Policy: This warranty policy applies to LED display products (hereinafter referred to as "products") purchased directly from LEDSUNN and within the valid warranty period.

2. Warranty period: The warranty period is in accordance with the time period stipulated in the contract. During the warranty period, a warranty card or other valid certificates shall be provided.

3. Warranty service: When installing and using LEDSUNN products, please strictly abide by the installation instructions and precautions in the product manual, and install and use according to the product manual. In the event of quality problems such as materials and manufacturing during normal use, LEDSUNN will provide warranty services in accordance with this quality warranty policy.

3.1 Type of warranty service:

3.1.1 Online remote free service: When installing and using LEDSUNN products, please strictly abide by the installation instructions and precautions in the product manual, and install and use according to the product manual. In the event of quality problems such as materials and manufacturing during normal use, LEDSUNN will provide warranty services in accordance with this quality warranty policy.

3.1.1 Online remote free service: For common simple faults: LEDSUNN provides remote technical guidance through instant messaging tools such as telephone, email, and remote software to help solve problems during equipment use. Including but not limited to connection problems of signal cables and power cables, system software problems of software usage and parameter setting, replacement of modules, power supplies, and system cards, etc.

3.1.2 Return to the factory for repair service:

a) When the problem cannot be solved by the online remote service, LEDSUNN will confirm with the customer whether to return to the factory for repair.

b) If it is necessary to return to the factory for repair, the customer can deliver the products or parts to be repaired to the nearest repair service point of LEDSUNN, and the customer shall bear the freight, insurance, customs and customs clearance fees for returning to the factory. After the repair is completed, LEDSUNN will send the product or parts back to the customer, and only bear the return shipping cost.

c) LEDSUNN does not accept cash on delivery, nor does it bear any customs duties and customs clearance fees incurred by returning the repaired parts to customers. LEDSUNN is not responsible for damage or loss caused by transportation and packaging.

3.1.3 Provide engineer on-site service for products with quality problems:

a) In the event of quality problems specified in Article 4 of this warranty, and if LEDSUNN deems it necessary, LEDSUNN will provide engineers with on-site service free of charge.

b) Before providing on-site service, the customer should provide LEDSUNN with a fault report for applying for on-site service. The content of the fault report includes but is not limited to photos, videos, number of faults, etc., so that LEDSUNN can make a preliminary fault judgment. If the on-site analysis by LEDSUNN engineers determines that the quality problem does not belong to the scope of warranty, the customer shall pay the engineer's travel expenses and technical service fees in accordance with the standards in Article.

c) The defective parts replaced on site are owned by LEDSUNN.

4. Disclaimer:

The following situations do not belong to the warranty service provided by LEDSUNN:

4.1 Unless otherwise agreed, this warranty does not apply to consumables, including but not limited to connectors, networks, cables, optical cables, cables, power cables, signal cables, aviation connectors and other wire connection objects.

4.2 Defects, malfunctions or damages in whole or in part due to improper use, improper handling, improper operation, improper installation, disassembly of the display or any other customer misconduct. and defects, malfunctions or damages caused by shipping.

4.3 Unauthorized disassembly and repair without the permission and authorization of LEDSUNN.

4.4 The product is not operated and maintained in accordance with the product manual.

4.5 Man-made damage, physical damage, accident damage and product misuse damage, such as component defect damage, PCB board defect, etc.

4.6 Product damage or failure caused by force majeure, including but not limited to force majeure events such as war, terrorist activities, floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning, etc.

4.7 The product should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment. Any product defect, malfunction or damage caused by storage in an external environment that does not comply with the product manual, including but not limited to: extreme weather, humidity, salt spray, pressure, lightning, sealed environment, compressed space storage, etc.

4.8 Use the product under conditions outside the product parameters, including but not limited to lower or higher voltage conditions, extreme or excessive power surges, inappropriate power conditions.

4.9 Defects, malfunctions or damage caused by non-observance of technical guidelines, instructions or precautions during installation.

4.10 Natural loss of brightness and color under normal conditions.

4.11 The product lacks necessary maintenance.

4.12 Other maintenance not caused by product quality, design and manufacture.

4.13 Failure to provide a valid warranty card, tear off or breakage of the product serial number sealing tape, damage to the product casing or other external parts, or failure to provide other valid evidence.

4.14 Issues after the warranty period.

4.15 For products that are seriously damaged and cannot be repaired due to improper operation, accidents, improper maintenance, and non-compliance with product usage specifications.

4.16 Because the playback, control and other equipment not provided by LEDSUNN do not match with LEDSUNN products, LEDSUNN products cannot work normally. The LEDSUNN product is damaged due to the incompatibility of the playback, control and other equipment not provided by LEDSUNN with the LEDSUNN product.

5. Warranty service process:

5.1 Remote service process: Submit the demand through the LEDSUNN technology website, email, telephone, or special service window with the warranty card or order number, and provide the specific content of the service and the remote docking contact information and contact person.

5.2 Product return process: With the warranty card or contract number, submit the demand through the LEDSUNN technology website, email, telephone, special service window, and provide the packing list of the repaired product and the mailing address information after the repair is completed.information and contact person.

1) LEDSUNN Technology mailing information: (see the service contact information in Article 9 of this agreement)

2) Instructions for customer mailing:

a) Provide a brief description of the failure of the returned product (can be attached to the surface of the equipment)

b) Packing list (including contract order number, type and quantity of repaired equipment)

c) Return shipping information (company name, shipping address, consignee and contact information, etc.)

d) In order to avoid damage to the repaired items during the logistics, please pay attention to the packaging and protection of the products. LEDSUNN is not responsible for any damages in the way of returned products or parts to LEDSUNN.

5.3 Engineer on-site service process: Submit the request through the LEDSUNN website, email, telephone, or special service window with the warranty card or contract number, and provide the specific content of the service, on-site address, on-site contact person, and information required for visa, etc.

6. Others:

This warranty policy is LEDSUNN's standard warranty terms. NO PERSON, INCLUDING ANY AGENT, DEALER OR SALES REPRESENTATIVE, IS AUTHORIZED TO MAKE ANY REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES THAT ARE DIFFERENT FROM THIS WARRANTY. Unless confirmed in writing by LEDSUNN in the form of contracts, attachments, etc., any warranty and guarantee content that conflict with the terms of this warranty policy will automatically become invalid. The final interpretation of this warranty policy belongs to LEDSUNN.