Creative Customized Solutions

Creative Customized Solutions

With the improvement of human living standards and the pursuit of spirit, people's requirements for LED display are getting higher and higher. Creative LED display came into being. Creative LED display, also known as special-shaped screen, is a new branch of LED display application, with innovation and creativity as the core.

First, the definition of creative LED display

Creative LED display refers to LED display with special appearance, which is derived from traditional LED display. The creative LED display breaks the simple square shape of the traditional LED screen. Feel free to stitch it into a variety of irregular shapes to display highly creative content.

The creative LED display can choose a specific installation method according to the overall structure and environment of the building, and the size and size can be customized according to site requirements. From the appearance, the LED creative screen can not only attract the attention of the audience for the first time to achieve a better publicity effect, but also better expand the application scope of large screen splicing. In real life, you can see creative LED displays with different shapes, including: arc, diamond, sphere, barrel arch, Rubik's cube, cylinder, etc.

2. Creative LED display classification

1. 3D smart LED display

2. Rubik's cube LED display

3. LED display of glass curtain wall

4. Dance floor brick LED display

5. Dot matrix LED display

6. Foldable LED display

7. Soft LED display

8. LED spherical display

3. The Function of creative LED display

Innovation, creativity as the core reflects the spirit of innovation, unique shape, powerful rendering ability, full of personality, amazing effect.

The advantages of creative LED display

Today, a wave of creative industries sweeps the world. With the extreme pursuit of various cultural performances, wedding performances, opening performances and dynamic dance effects in entertainment, creative display has increasingly become the hot spot and focus of competition in the field of indoor large-screen displays and related companies.

First of all, the creative LED display shows the personalized culture. For each creative display project, after in-depth interviews, careful listening and careful sorting, an exclusive customized solution is formed, using metaphorical exaggeration and gorgeous video effects to be visualized through new media technologies.

Secondly, innovative LED displays can already achieve city landmarks and enhance the city's image. On the basis of architecture or landscape, combined with the basic elements and symbols of architecture, seek a better visual language, from the perspective of art and aesthetics, integrate LED display elements and architecture perfectly, further beautify and upgrade, and realize the sublimation of value. And realize urban landmarks to enhance the city's image.

Technically, creative LED display must not only have the core technology of LED display, but also need rich artistic modeling, structural mechanics technology and experience. In the future, creative LED displays will be used in various applications, such as urban light sculpture, environmental art, architectural appearance, interior decoration, etc. With its unique personality, the creative LED display has been in the industry for more than 10 years. Now the advent of the era of personalization, it just brings a new vitality to the creative display, making the creative LED display more vivid and charming.