Control Room Solutions

Control Room Solutions

The high-scoring visualization display and control platform built with heart is widely used in command centers of public security, military, traffic police, fire protection, civil air defense, urban emergency and other industries. , and various high-resolution geographic image information real-time, full-screen display and other functions, really help each command center scene to realize the efficient operation of command flattening, linkage integration, and process visualization.


1. High-definition seamless, visually stunning

The box body is finished by CNC, and die-casting aluminum is formed at one time. The structure is firm and not easy to be deformed. Professional fixtures are used for assembly to ensure the accuracy of size to a large extent. In addition, the unique design between the module and the box can be realized. The fine-tuning in six directions of up and down, front and rear, left and right makes the flatness reach 0.1mm, truly seamless splicing, high-definition display, challenging vision.

2. Smart Correction

Adopting the unique patented intelligent module technology, it can easily solve the problem of whole-screen calibration caused by module replacement; the intelligent module can store its own point-by-point calibration data, and there is no need to re-calibrate after the module is replaced, and the system can automatically load the module's The calibration data is updated to ensure the uniformity and consistency of the display.

3. Humanized structure design

Front and rear maintenance mode, modules, power supplies, boards, etc. can fully take into account the front and rear maintenance, fully consider the engineering use, and meet various installation space requirements. Only one Allen wrench can easily realize the entire disassembly process.

4. Ultra Thin

The weight of a single box is only 7.3KG, and the thickness is only 78mm, which is convenient for installation and transportation.

5. Standard size

The size of each module is 240mmx240mm, and it is common between boxes, enabling efficient mass production.

6. Excellent heat dissipation

The die-cast aluminum box has excellent heat dissipation performance, coupled with the design of heat dissipation holes, no fan assistance is required, and it operates with zero noise.

7. Comprehensive condition monitoring

Monitor the working status, temperature, humidity, smoke, switching power supply voltage, fan speed and single light open and short circuit of each box (install monitoring card).

8. Advanced point-by-point chromaticity correction technology

The calibration system can calibrate the color of each lamp, eliminate the chromaticity difference between multiple batches of LEDs, and ensure the consistency and uniformity of the entire screen color.

9. Green energy saving and environmental protection

High photoelectric conversion efficiency, combined with integrated heat dissipation technology, the screen works at low temperature, low voltage and low current, prolonging service life and reducing unit energy consumption.