About Us

About Us



SHENZHEN LEISHENG PHOTOELECTRIC CO.,LTD (hereinafter referred to as LEDSUNN) was founded in Shenzhen by a professional team in the LED industry. The company team not only has rich working experience in the LED display industry, but also recognizes the core needs of product changes with the industrial revolution. 's goals coupled with great enthusiasm create something that exceeds customer expectations. High-quality, cost-effective LED display products, Improve global customers' enthusiasm for "Made in China" LED products.

LEDSUNN is committed to providing global customers with high quality LED display products and video creative services suitable for various applications. LEDSUNN has gathered a group of like-minded partners with high knowledge, experience and responsibility; they share the same values ​​and mission. That is to provide customers with the ultimate display creativity! we have Confidence to provide customers with excellent design custom solutions.


It is our mission to listen, understand and meet customer satifaction, and it is our pursuit to enhance our efforts to explore and research future technologies.

LEDSUNN is a leading LED display supplier in China, providing domestic and foreign customers with overall solutions such as R&D, manufacturing, engineering installation and after-sales service of high-end LED display equipment and display control systems.Since establishment, LEDSUNN has accumulated professional technology and service system in the industry; and has created 6 product lines of professional display, general display, conference display, commercial display, outdoor display, and rental display, which are used in command monitoring, commercial display retail, radio and television Broadcasting, outdoor advertising, sports events, stage performances and other scenes. Product quality maintains a leading position in the industry.


Why Choose Us


Our focus is not only on the LED display itself, but also on the user experience of the product.

  • Anytime, we respond to the needs of customers as soon as possible, and provide customers with continuous services 24 hours a day.
  • Accurate quality assurance document control process for quality assurance and tracking.
  • Experienced experts can help customers and remotely evaluate LED displays to ensure that the system works flawlessly anytime and anywhere.
  • Efficient LED module maintenance services. Fast arrival of replacement parts to ensure the normal operation of customer business